St Patrick’s Day Ideas – Get the luck of the Irish!

St Patrick's Day Party

St Patrick’s Day Party Theme

St Parick’s Day is always a great excuse for a party! It’s the one day of the year where everyone is a little bit Irish. With its fun, brightly coloured themes and the excuse to drink Guinness all day, who wouldn’t want to throw a St Patrick’s Day party?

Most St Patrick’s Day parties are themed with lots of green, gold and shamrocks, but I will also be looking at the alternative rainbow theme for those who are looking for something a bit different.

I will offer suggestions for handmade decorations and games as well as linking you directly to items you can buy. This page will talk you through every part of your St Patrick’s Day themed party making it easy and stress free.

Invites for your Paddy’s Day Party

Handmade party invitations for St Patrick’s Day made a nice touch. Here are some examples of some great simple handmade invitations.

I love this idea to do with kids, it’s fun and really easy and… you can eat the rest of the marshmallows afterwards ūüėČ

shamrock stamping

If you are looking for something a little more elegant and grown up then I have found a great tutorial for a 3d shamrock card invitation. If you like the card you can find the full tutorial here by the wonderful

St Patrick's Day invitation

I have found another great idea for invites from This one has a link to a free printable so that you can make these easily if you follow along with the guidelines in place in the post.

Hand Made St Patrick’s Day Decorations

Making your own party decorations for St Patrick’s Day can be really fun. Especially if you get the kids involved. If you do decide to make your own you will need lots of green and gold paper and card or paint. Or you can go for a green, orange a white theme which are the colours of the Irish flag.

Here is a great tutorial from on how to make paper shamrock decorations

If you want to add a bit of sparkle, you can learn how to make this beautiful horseshoe garland here at I absolutely love them and think they add a wonderful touch to any party. You can make them long enough to act as bunting or you can keep them short so they just cover a doorway or cross a hall.

St Patrick's Day decorations

These ideas for turning clay pots into decorations are some of the loveliest I have found online. I think this is another great one to do with kids and get a bit messy with paint. The first one comes from The second one is from, I think these would also be a really fun to make for Christmas with the pots painted red.

When you plan lots of parties and events it’s always a good idea to have things you can reuse for different occasions. Glass jars and vases are a great example because they can be painted or covered or filled with different colours or materials, beads or sweets depending on the event. I have used these glass jars for Halloween and other events and just clean them off and use them again.

St Patrick’s Day Decorations To Buy

If you prefer to buy your decorations then this pack on amazon is a great one to get you started. Depending on how big your venue is you could buy a few of these packs to ensure you have enough. I will often buy a couple of these starter packs and then a few more of the packs of balloons also available on amazon here.

Amazon is great for cheap and cheerful bits to bulk out any party really, they have so many items. Here are some of my favourites for St Patrick’s Day.

I love the idea of using letter balloons¬†at any party… You can get these from amazon once again and they add a special touch.

This great wreath is available from Etsy, however, is comes from the USA so there may be some extra charges and a longer delivery time for you in the UK. It’s a great piece though and well worth the time and money if you are planning a way in advance.

st patricks day weath

Here is another great one from Etsy which I love for handmade (but not by me) decorations. This gives your event a more authentic feel but without all the hard work.

I also love this sign which is great to have just outside your door.

St Patrick's day sign

If you would like to see more ideas for party decorations then head over to my Pinterest.

Drink ideas for St Patrick’s Day

This St Patrick’s Day punch is great for kids or family parties. You can always add a splash of something if you want though. I found this recipe on¬†where you can view the full recipe and instructions for making it.

If you prefer something a little stronger then here is a great video from a couple of guys creating 3 St Patrick’s Day cocktails. Once shot, one cocktail and one float, surely something for everyone.

St Patrick’s Day Party Music

Like with any party you can play any music as long as it gets people dancing but if you want more authentic and traditional St Patrick’s day party then here is a playlist with some more traditional Irish music.

I just had to include this song from the titanic, its one of my favourite moments of the film and the song always makes me smile.

If you are looking for something a bit more modern and uplifting then here is another good mix of songs.

If you would rather purchase a CD for your party then once again there are some great ideas on amazon…

Here is an Irish 3 disc CD that would see you through most of the night. With 60 songs in total and presented in a tin case, it’s a great investment for anyone who loves Irish music.

Costumes for Paddy’s Day

Now there is no traditional Irish St Patrick’s day attire so most people dress up as leprechauns, clovers or just wear a tonne of green. There are some great costumes out there which are really good fun whether you are going for the full look or just some acessoriesies.

There are some really fun, cute and sexy costumes availble for women but not so much choice for men. If you are throwing a St Patrick’s Day party and you are worried your guests might not get on board with the fancy dress then I would buy a load of hats and silly glasses and hand them out at the door.

St Patrick’s Day Party Games


Gold Coins Hunt – This is a fun one for families and kids and is pretty similar to an easter egg hunt. You hide gold coins all over the house and/garden and then send everyone off to find them.

Coin Toss –¬†This is another game which requires gold coins. Have a row of upturned leprechaun hats in a line, have the players stand a distance away and see if they can throw a gold coin into each hat. You can give the winner of the most in a hat a prize or simply have them win all of the gold coins.

Kiss the Blarney Stone – This game is just for grown ups and involves a bit of trickery from the party host. You will need a hairy man to help with this one. Each person is taken out of the room and blindfolded. They are then brought back into the room and told the story of the Blarney Stone. They are then instructed to kiss the object in front of them which is the hairy man’s arm. However, when they take the blindfold off the man must have his back to them and be pulling up his trousers as if they have just kissed his bum!

You can redo this game for kids as a pin the tail on the donkey. Pt lipstick on the kids and blindfold them and get them to kiss a big picture of a stone. Whoever gets closest to the middle wins.

Thank you for reading and I really hope this has been helpful to you! If you try any of the ideas or have any of your own then please leave them a message in the comments section! I am always looking for new ideas and inspiration. Please let me know which party theme you would like me to cover next.

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